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The Aquascape Ecosystem

What is an Ecosystem?

An ecosystem encompasses all the parts of a living environment, including the plants and animals, AND the non-living components, such as water, air and the sun's energy. A pond's ecosystem begins with water as the base. Everything found above the base is completely dependent, either directly or indirectly, on water. The learn more about the items that are required in order to create an ecosystem click link below.

More About The Ecosystem - Click Here!

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No matter what you are looking for, or enjoy reading, we have a diverse selection
of books, videos and DVD's that every Water Feature enthusiast must have.

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Our Pond Kits and Pondless® Kits - contain all the products you need to create your backyard-paradise. From pumps to filters to instructions, our kits have you covered.

Pond Kits

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Pond Bacteria
Aquaclearer™ Extreme and SAB Extreme pond bacteria will help keep your biological filter running properly and help keep algae away in your water garden. This pond bacteria comes in the standard Aquaclearer™ Extreme dry bacteria or the faster acting Aquaclearer Extreme liquid form. Also available is the very popular SAB™ Extreme pond bacteria mixture which helps control green debris in your pond and stream. Aquaclearer™ bacteria and SAB are natural products and are not harmful chemicals. Be sure to check out Ecoblast, a fast acting non-bacteria based algae destroyer. All Aquaclearer™ Extreme Bacteria and SAB™ Extreme are in stock and ship out on same business day.

Pond and Waterfall Pumps

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Design Consultations
Schedule a Design Consultation with Dave or one of his designers and begin the journey towards realizing the water feature of your dreams.

Dave and his designers have many years of experience in the water gardening industry. We can provide you with the most up to date information and ideas about water gardening. Designing and locating a water feature in your yard will on longer be a mystery. See for yourself, with Exquisite Ponds & Gardens, you'll go from idea to a flowing, relaxing water feature.
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